Abinla’s Lift-Off

Earth from above (Image Credit: NASA/Reid Wiseman)

“So this is really happening, isn’t it?” Her voice was a whisper in a wilderness, drowned by the gusts of my own little wonder. The shuttle loomed tall in the distance, glistening in the motherland sun for all to see. 10 years, 10 unbelievable years, and here we stood, at the edge of the unknown, … Continue reading Abinla’s Lift-Off

The Messages

“Drinks are on me if this goes well.” I had barely heard her speak. There were a million things running through my head right now. Darling Tonye. I didn’t mean to be cold, not to her. Everyone was hunched over their monitors, eyes tense, feet tapping to the rhythm of anxiety, waiting. It had been … Continue reading The Messages