On Genetic Engineering & The Future of Humanity

In recent years, genetic engineering has moved rather quickly from the realm of science fiction into the realm of science fact, and taking the helm of this controversial field is the practice of gene editing. Not to be confused with the far more common practice of gene therapy—which involves introducing healthy genes into an unhealthy … Continue reading On Genetic Engineering & The Future of Humanity


On Spirituality & Computers

An all-time favorite of the "spiritually-inclined" is believing that the world inside their heads is the reality, and the world right in front of their eyes is the illusion. I've thought of an interesting analogy for this: It's precisely like believing that the graphical images on your computer screen are the reality, and the electrical … Continue reading On Spirituality & Computers

On Rain, Roads, and The Human Qualities

There's this shitty, narrow, sandy road that separates my neighborhood from the rest of civilization. It gets even shittier when it rains. Most of the water collects at two distinct dips in the road, so that anyone wishing to cross has to tiptoe over at least one muddy puddle deep and wide enough to serve … Continue reading On Rain, Roads, and The Human Qualities

To Be Vegan, Or Not To Be Vegan: Is That Even A Question?

____________________ Having done a bit more research of late on the veganism issue, I find that it is far more controversial than I had previously assumed, with both sides of the debate making points which, on the surface, appear to be equally fair. But does the truth actually lean more towards one side than the … Continue reading To Be Vegan, Or Not To Be Vegan: Is That Even A Question?

Why I Don’t Vote

_______________________________________ The reason why I do not and will never participate in a general election in my country is because Nigerian politicians are simply not the solution to Nigeria's problems. They have been claiming to be the solution to Nigeria's problems—and subsequently doing everything within their conceivable power to prove that claim false—for roughly half … Continue reading Why I Don’t Vote

On Pseudoscience & Other Avenues Of Bullshit

Pseudoscience and other avenues of bullshit cloak today's world in a blanket of darkness, shutting out the light of reason. And all the people who spearhead these churches of falsehood can do to defend their lucrative niche markets is write off irrefutable facts and propagate conspiracy theories. ____________________________________ Of course vaccines are bad for you. … Continue reading On Pseudoscience & Other Avenues Of Bullshit

On Religious Faith & Cherry-Picking

I have always found it interesting how the most preposterous and unrealistic aspects of the Abrahamic religious texts—such as the existence of an invisible, all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving deity, and an eternal paradise in the sky reserved exclusively for those who've spent their whole lives kissing his ass—are taken literally by modern believers and theologians, … Continue reading On Religious Faith & Cherry-Picking